Mobiserv – An Integrated Intelligent Home Environment for the Provision of Health, Nutrition and Well-Being Services to Older Adults

Project finished successfully

During the final project review, held in Brussels on the 9th of October 2013, experts of the European Commission have thoroughly assessed all project activities and results.

They concluded that all milestones have been reached, and they have approved all deliverables. Therefore, the European Commission now considers the project as completed.

Some quotes from the final review report:

“The overall quality of the results presented is good: The consortium has managed to achieve its main objectives and bring the project to a successful end.”

“This was a very ambitious project with the required expertise in the consortium. The project had some delay at the beginning of the reporting period, but assured to catch up during the prolongation period.”

“The main achievements of the project are 1) the delivery of the final Mobiserv system prototype, and 2) the evaluation of the Mobiserv system and its components like the robot companion in a large range of studies with primary users, secondary users and tertiary users in several settings.”

“The results of the evaluations (…) generated a wealth of information presented in a useful comprehensive report that can be used for dissemination and exploitation.”

“The project has worked hard on the dissemination and exploitation plans. These plans are focussed and demonstrate the possibilities for exploitation and directions for achieving impact.”

To highlight our results and reflect the finished state of the project, the Results section and the Downloads section of this website have been updated. Have a look at these pages for a summary of achievements, our final demonstration video, public deliverables, and scientific publications.

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