Mobiserv – An Integrated Intelligent Home Environment for the Provision of Health, Nutrition and Well-Being Services to Older Adults


The main objective of the Mobiserv project was to design and evaluate an intelligent proactive personal robot, integrated with innovative smart home sensors and smart textiles, and to offer home care for (semi-)independent living with a focus on health, nutrition, well-being, and safety.

To reach this goal, the Mobiserv team has set several sub-objectives, divided into social objectives, research objectives, and technological objectives:

Social Objectives

  • Develop a Personal Robotic System to support daily living of seniors in everyday activities with an emphasis on personal health care, independence, and quality of life.
  • Support seniors in maintaining their social activities.
  • Embrace a paradigm shift in health responders, redefining the way of treating and managing health-related emergency calls and the way first responders, carers, family, health care service providers are coordinated, giving support to integrated care.

Research Objectives

  • Research, develop and implement self-learning techniques for optical recognition, pattern recognition and autonomous navigation.
  • Research effective self-learning methods for predicting and detecting health-related events from multiple sensors, given the fact that single sensor based solutions are not robust and reliable.
  • Evaluate the Personal Intelligent Robotic System in terms of comfort, usability and safety.
  • Investigate the most effective and efficient communication modes between the robot and human user in various scenarios, and the impact of cultural, gender, age and cognitive differences on this.
  • Evaluate different types of robot embodiments in relation to user acceptability, and the relationship between criteria for acceptance and cultures, societal demographics.


Technological Objectives

  • Produce an efficient design of the Personal Robotic Platform.
  • Develop health status monitoring wearable fabrics.
  • Develop a tele-alarm and health reporting system.
  • Develop a nutrition support system.
  • Integrate these components into the Personal Robot.
  • Apply innovative techniques for monitoring nutrition habits and vital signs of seniors.
  • Develop a unified interface to different wireless technologies, enabling seamless connectivity.
  • Develop methods for securing sensitive and private communicated information.